Zellige Installation

  • Prepare and level the wall before installing the Zellige tiles.
  • Evenly apply flexible adhesive for ceramics on the surface to be tiled as well as on the back of the tile. Silicone can also be used to fix Zellige tiles.
  • Position the tiles by hand, leaving a narrow gap, and adjust tile placement with the adhesive depth and grout space, looking for the harmony of the installation. With complex designs, more adjusting may be needed.
  • Floor installations: leaving a small grout space will help compensate for movements.
  • Panels: As with Zellige tiles, variations in size and shape are common. Each panel needs to be positioned by adjusting grout space and adhesive depth. Planning the layout is recommended.
  • Once the adhesive is dry and the Zellige tiles are well fixed, spread flexible grout over the surface, with a rubber spatula, making sure that the spaces between the tiles are completely filled.
  • Wipe off the excess grout cement with a damp sponge or cloth. Manually rectify any possible defects on areas that have been left without grout.
  • Zellige tiles can be easily cut or bevelled using a diamond disk. Tile cutters can also be used but the results are less precise.
  • When laid in direct contact with water: pools, showers ; please ensure that the surface under is waterproofed. Like other glazed ceramics, covering a surface with Zellige tiles does not guarantee waterproofing. Humidity can filter through the grout or any surface irregularities.