Vintage Moroccan Rugs

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183 products


What is a Vintage Moroccan Rug?

Vintage Moroccan Rugs stand out and elevate any type of interior decor. These rugs have character and show an archaic symbolism that dates back to the earliest form of art and writing. They are made by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco for up to 30 years ago and kept in good condition.

What makes a good Moroccan Vintage Rug?

The wool, our Moroccan Vintage rugs are made with high quality wool that makes them soft, durable, and fluffy even after so many years.

Why choose a Vintage Moroccan Rug?

A Vintage Rug never runs out of style, it's a great investment and is very practical if you have kids. A good Vintage Rug will transform any space you put it in and is definitely worth the price.

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