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Moroccan rugs, handmade in Morocco, Beni Ourain, Beni Mrirt, Kilim, Boucherouite, Vintage rugs, as well as custom made Berber rugs you can pre-order, available in a range of sizes and colors.


Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs have been woven in North Africa for centuries. They are usually made from natural wool and cotton yarns dyed using natural dyes.There are many different styles of weaving within each Atlas mountains tribe. Some weavers specialize in particular styles, while others weave all kinds of geometric designs or abstract design in neutral colors.The classic designs are inspired by nature and often include animals or plants.The Beni Ourain rug is very durable and easy to care for. It doesn't require chemicals like many other rugs.


The term "Beni Mrirt" means the region where the carpets are made, located in the mountains near Marrakesh. This area is well known for its beautiful landscapes and its rich cultural heritage. Beni Mrirt rugs are the best option for an interior designer. They are produced with care and attention to detail. In addition to being durable and attractive, they're also incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Tribal style rugs can work well in any type of room because of their timelessness, but if you are working within a modern setting they'll fit right into your home with ease.


A vintage Moroccan rug should have imperfection like stains or wear marks, according to experts. A vintage carpet will likely have been made from wool, cotton or silk, and it will probably have been handwoven. The term "vintage" refers to the age of the rug, not whether it was handmade or machine-made. Handmade Moroccan rugs are generally considered to be older than machine-made ones.


The world of Moroccan Kilims is filled with colorful, vibrant and intricate patterns. These beautiful rugs are woven in the Medina districts of Marrakesh, Meknes, Essaouira, Fes and Agadir. They are often referred to as "kilims," meaning "cloths." Many people know them simply as "rugs" but it is important to note that there are several different types of rugs that fall under the category of "Kilim Rugs". Each type of rug has its own distinct characteristics. Some are thicker than others, some are coarser than others. Some are heavy and durable like Beni Ourain rugs while others are light weight and thin. Some have geometric patterns while others have tribal patterns with lively colors. All of these differences make each type of rug unique.


Boucherouite rugs are woven in Morocco and the surrounding areas. The name means “weaver of wool” and refers to a type of wool rug woven in Morocco that is similar to Turkish kilims, but it is also used to describe a type of carpet that has been made for centuries in this region. It is a very popular style of rug with its rich colors and intricate patterns. A Boucherouite rug provides you with a precious decoration for your living space. A traditional handmade carpet from Morocco, it is characterized by its irregularity, its imperfections and its colorfulness. Its name comes from the Berber word berbère, meaning "to weave", which refers to the way the weavers work. They use recycled fabrics, such as old clothes, blankets, curtains, etc., to make a beautiful pattern.

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