The Boho Lab is part of The Rallye Expos 2019

The Boho Lab Hosting Souk Design Vue d'afrique


Boutique de design offrant en ses lieux des produits uniques et influencés par les dernières tendances, issus du savoir fait  marocain.   

At The Boho Lab, the new bohemian decor store, offering a wide range of hand-woven Berber rugs in Montreal and Marrakech. Every piece has a story, be it the mystical creation process or the inspiration behind the design.

Influenced by Moroccan and contemporary designs, our exclusive rugs are crafted to connect with you, spread warmth and bring elegance to your space.

Our story began when we met in Morocco while each was visiting his hometown. As a landscape architect and an engineer we were united by our love for interior design, culture and the beauty of our motherland’s Artistry. We noticed how the artisan industry immediately connects people through handcrafted art that translates the elements of Morocco in a unique way.

We wanted to bring the bohemian sensation that we observed closely since early youth to Montreal and we did. Hence, The Boho Lab was born in the summer of 2018.

Our Showroom is based in the historic location of Old Montreal, as it is the perfect fit for the mix between the modern practicality of Montreal and the bohemian vintage feel of our Moroccan goods. We traveled between Montreal and Morocco and worked continuously on creating The Boho Lab to bring you an exceptional Moroccan heritage in a contemporary style.