About Us

Amine BENTAHER, a landscape architect and Hamza MENEBHI, an industrial engineer, are both from the city of Marrakech, in Morocco. They met in Montreal while finishing their studies. Then decided to jump on the adventure of entrepreneurship to showcase the wealth of Moroccan handmade in North America.

What inspired us 

Traveling frequently to Morocco to visit their families, the young entrepreneurs have decided to collaborate with several Berber craftsmen, to share their love for Moroccan craftsmanship, adding a touch of creativity that will allow them to introduce their products. in any contemporary decor.

The major strength of The Boho Lab concept store is a Moroccan handmade rugs. These carpets are handwoven by women, each one of which represents a certain tribe of the Atlas Mountains. Each tribe is therefore characterized by a type of weaving, which offers the store a variety of products.

Our Mission

The idea behind the Boho Lab is to offer a range of eco-friendly products whose manufacturing relies on no industrial process. Building our business model on the handmade, values our products and expose their authenticity. Every carpet has a story, and that's what we're trying to put forward ... It's this tradition of weaving passed from mother to daughter for years that needs to be highly valued and shared with people.

The Boho Lab today allows its customers not only to furnish their interiors in a unique way, but also to make them aware of sustainable consumption.