What to know before buying an authentic handmade Moroccan rug ?

What to know before buying an authentic handmade Moroccan rug ?

When it comes to buying the right rug for your home, there are a few important steps. Obviously, first  and foremost, you will have to figure out what corresponds most to your aesthetic and taste. However, the rug you favour must live in harmony with the decoration of your space, shapes, materials, dimensions, we will answer all  your questions.


Handmade rugs embody work and art. A craftsman must be skilled in his craft to create these extraordinary pieces. A handmade rug will have minor imperfections, which will give it character and uniqueness. Craftsmen use the best materials to weave handmade rugs. Organic sheep wool is the best by far, and it takes up to a few months to make one rug. For example, an 8 by 10 handmade moroccan rug will require 4 to 6 weeks of work.

An authentic handmade moroccan rug will not be the cheapest rug on the market, but will last you a lifetime compared to a cheap machine made rug which will only last you a few months or a few years if you take really good care of it. So if you are looking for the right rug to compliment your forever home then do the math, the handmade one will end up being the best investment.



Being originally from Morocco, I have personally traveled to every region and met so many wonderful Berber families from many tribes. Each of the tribes have a distinct style for rugs that distinguishes them from the rest, through varying patterns and colors unique to them.

Azilal : Made in the high Atlas Mountains, they are very original and have unusual and colourful designs. It’s more of an art piece than your average living room rug.  Azilal rugs are usually made in a tricky size which make them most of the time not fit the standard sizes of living room area rugs but they make such a statement in a office space or while layered on a large jute rug in a living room.


Colorful Azilal Carpet


Beni Ourain : This is the most popular type of rug. It’s the go-to for any laid back home decor. Some might even say it is a MUST-HAVE rug. They are medium to high pile and bring warmth and coziness to any room. Beni ourain are the classic diamond design rugs that everyone have seen all over Pinterest and in the biggest interior design magazines. They're often duplicated but their softness is never matched.

Beni Ourain RugBeni Ourain RugBeni Ourain RugBeni Ourain Rug

Beni Mrirt : In the neighbouring region where Beni Ourain was born, the Beni Mrirt rug appeared. Although very similar, and inspired from one another, the Beni Mrirt is more dense and more luxurious. It’s way softer than a normal Beni Ourain. Even though Beni Mrirt rugs have the same style of weaving as the Beni Ourain, we've seen in the last year that this region has been creating more abstract and artsy colourful rugs.


Beni Mrirt Natural Rug


Boucherouite : AKA,  the upcycled rug. This type of rug is very unique. Made with only leftover clothes and textiles that are stitched together to create a beautiful and unique piece. They are very colourful and can brighten any room. They are definitely a designer’s favourite. We have worked with many talented designers who often like to style nursery rooms and kids’s bedrooms using Boucherouite rugs, they are colourful, vibrant and make the kids happy.

Kilim : Unlike the previous types, the Kilim is the flat weave rug of predilection. It is thin and very practical around kids and pets. The Moroccan Kilim rug is made using a different knotting method than the previous types. It is very light weight which makes it perfect as a wall hanging rug. Under a dining table, it perfectly protects hard wood from all the scratches.


Now that you've learnt just a little bit more about each kind of rug, you should know that whatever your choice might be, whatever rug you choose to style your home with, make sure it's one that you love because as long as it is an authentic Moroccan one, you can be assured that it will last you a lifetime.