We are crazy for Zellige tiles, and you should be too!

We are crazy for Zellige tiles, and you should be too!

Zellige tiles are the perfect complement to today’s modern home, where sleek and minimal is softened with rawness and texture, creating a perfectly imperfect finish that brings balance and harmony to homes, restaurants, and hotels.

Green Zellije tile  

When you travel to Morocco, you immediately fall in love with the people, culture, tradition, handicrafts, and design that it was built on. From artisan to artisan, generation to generation, they continue to teach and pass on their creative skills, but also the meditative practice that is required to complete such works of art. It is this creativity, honesty, ritual, and close relationship with nature that anchors a semblance of history and tradition into today’s modern world. We are proud to partner with Kraft Sol in bringing another cultural treasure from Morocco to our customers, keeping the tradition alive, while imbuing richness and warmth into your home.

Made in Fes, Morocco, all Zellige tiles are born from the area’s rich clay that is found below the surface. Rocks are dug up by hand, soaked to soften and make pliable, then shaped into small squares where they are carefully stacked into a kiln. Once they are removed from the kiln, they are either left natural or are coloured with pigments and fired up in the kiln one last time. This process creates an assortment of both vibrant and muted colours that vary in texture and sheen as no two tiles are the same. Next, the tiles are left in their square shape, or are chiselled into intricate patterns such as stars and fishtails. The artisans then use these shapes to create detailed mosaics, where they are backed with cement, and then ready to be installed.

Zellige tiles bring so much warmth and texture into your home. Their ombre effect, and milky glaze, plays with the light and adds a splash of Moroccan magic to your kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, bar, laundry room, and more. Due to the delicate nature of these tiles, and the precision it takes to install them, we recommend hiring a professional tile setter who is experienced in placing Zellige tiles (no tile spacers needed as they are best stacked closely onto each other) and ordering 15 to 30% more to ensure you achieve your desired look…whether it is fluid, natural and organic, or more consistent in colour and texture.

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