Beni Mrirt Carpet in living room

The Ultimate Rug Placement Guide

How to find the right placement for your rug

Either it's the color, material, design, or size, many things are to be taken into consideration when shopping for a rug. And sometimes it can be difficult to picture or draw a clear image of how the carpet you like would look in your house.
If you are looking for an illustration of a rug that would help you choose which size is best, there are some furniture layouts below to get an idea of the rug and furniture placement.
You can find a size conversion chart at the bottom of this guide .
First things first, there are 5 different general sizes for rugs : Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Runner. 

Small Rugs - 5'x8' Or Smaller

Small sized rugs can be put anywhere and look great on their own. 
There are several placements that, we think, are the best for small carpets. 
Small Bedroom Rugs

small bedroom carpet

 You can put your small carpet in front of your bed, or two little ones on both sides of your bed. Two identical small bedroom rugs are obviously hard to find since every Moroccan rug is unique, but you can custom order them and make them according to your own preference.

Small Living Room Rugs

small living room carpet 

 When your living room only consists of two armchairs and a small table, a small rug is enough to have the majority of your seating’s legs on top of a part of the rug.

Other Rug Placements for a Small Carpet

 Small office rug

For a small office, a soft rug that adds warmth and style without being overwhelming is the best choice.

 small bathroom carpet

A small bathroom rug adds a nice touch of color and coziness.


Medium Rugs - 6'x9' to 8'x10'

Medium rugs are the right size for an average sized living room, bedroom or any space at home. Traditionally, they were also used as blankets for extra warmth.

Medium Bedroom Rug

 Medium bedroom carpet

Your rug looks best in the center of the room.

Medium Living Room Rug

 Medium living room carpet


Other Rug Placements for a Medium Carpet

 dining room rug - office rug

 In a dining room, it is important for the rug to be larger than the table.

Large & Extra Large Rugs - 9'x12', 10'x14', 12'x15'

A great alternative for a carpet is a large rug, it helps pull groups of furniture together. A neutral Beni Ourain carpet would balance the colors out while a Boucherouite rug would make the space more colorful and bohemian.

Large Bedroom Rug

large bedroom carpet

 The placement of a large rug is very important for it not to overwhelm everything else in the room. The rug should be under the bed in order to emphasize the beauty of the decor surrounding it,

Large Living Room Rug

large living room carpet

A rug always adds a timeless appeal to your home.

Other Placements for a Large Carpet

large office carpet - large dining room carpet

Every great office should have a large warm Luxurious Beni Mrirt carpet.

Runner Rug

An entrance rug is welcoming while giving a general feeling of how the home design would be.
Runner rugs are generally made for corridors due to their length but they look great in other places where they could fit. Here's an example:

kitchen mat

A rug is best placed in front of your sink in the kitchen but no one makes the rules so put it where you feel like and enjoy how much more stylish your kitchen gets.

Size Conversion Chart

Rug size in feet Rug size in cm
3' x 5' 92 x 153
3' x 9' 92 x 275
3' x 12' 92 x 366
4' x 6' 122 x 183
4' x 15' 122 x 458
5' x 7' 153 x 214
6' x 9' 183 x 275
8' x 10' 244 x 305
9' x 12' 275 x 366
10' x 14' 305 x 427
12' x 15' 366 x 458