THE RELEASE: Sacred Healing Circle for Women

THE RELEASE: Sacred Healing Circle for Women

Goal setting, dream chasing, vision board creating are indeed, fantastic ways to manifest a life you love, but we often forget the first step to true healing - THE RELEASE

The Boho Lab set up for the release
In our fast paced world, we tend to mask our pains in order to move forward and tackle whatever gets in our way. But to allow for great things to happen, we must make space.
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The Moon is connected to our spirit, femininity, emotions, intuition, feelings of security, maternal energy, creativity, and our potential. When the Moon is Full, we feel all of its energy on the strongest and deepest level.

On June's Full Moon, we invite you to join us for a special night designed to release what no longer serves you. From emotional traumas to repressed feelings and fears, we are holding a sacred space to first, discover your wounds and then, give you the tools to heal them.

Mama Oracle and Nalie will host a group reiki session/meditation and full moon ritual to assist you in accepting, forgiving and letting go of whatever is holding you back from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

Mama Oracle & Nalie augustin at the boho lab

Inspirational Speaker and Wellness Blogger, Nalie has been receiving weekly Reiki sessions for over a year by Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor, Mama Oracle. Together, they have grown spiritually and have assisted one another in thriving beyond traumatic life challenges. Knowing their gifts could uplift one another, they felt it was their duty to share this special energy with those in need.

We look forward to receiving you!

Welcoming at The Moroccan rug store The Boho Lab
Dress code: WEAR STRICTLY ALL WHITE everything! White is the color of purity, which is extremely important to wear in sacred circles. We highly recommend you wear white so the energies released don’t get attached to you. Be comfortable as you will be seated on the floor beautifully set up by The Boho Lab.

What to Expect:

Nalie & Mama Oracle at The Boho Lab

  • A beautiful Moroccan floor set-up by The Boho Lab
  • Intimate exchange/discussion with Nalie and Mama Oracle
  • Group Meditation/Reiki
  • Journaling/Releasing Session
  • Re-energizing Circle
  • Burning Ceremony by the water
  • Teas by DAVIDsTEA
  • Healthy snacks and refreshments
  •  Gift bags