A Souk is known as the commercial quarter, a bazzar or marketplace. 

Souks in general were a place where merchants and customers got together to shop, meet people and get a taste of everything showed currently in the market. 

Souks not only brought people together, but they also empowered the local exchanging structure.

The Boho Lab goods come from Morocco. Everything we have is hand made by creative powerful women. There are no engines/machinery used in the process. Even the colors are created from natural resources.

As our business is proudly focused on supporting positive change, we found that supporting human connection and collaboration were the best gifts of being part of the Souk @ Maison Pépin.

Since the Souk started, we connected with great people, merchants and different contributors.

Visiting the Souk is such a fun experience! We would love to meet you and get to know what you look for in your home décor. 

Come check it out, we will be there until the end of Summer 2018!

Bring your friends and family and have a beautiful afternoon in our fun & vivid space… 

Souk Address: 378 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 2A6
Store Address: 229 Notre-Dame Ouest Montréal, QC , H2Y 1T4