Moroccan pillows on a white sofa with a vintage Moroccan floor pillow

The Boho Lab Guide for the Perfect Bohemian Holiday Gifts 

Wooden chair with brown cactus silk pillow and beige cotton blanket on top

It’s never too early to start shopping for your holiday gifts, and with the pandemic step-backs you should totally be prepared for anything to happen.

So if you have got a home decor fanatic on your holiday list, here’s a little range of the best gifts The Boho Lab can offer.

Here at The Boho Lab, we believe that nothing says Happy Holidays more than a product handmade with love.

1- The Cozy Pom-Pom Blanket/Throw :

White couch with a beige cotton blanket with pom-poms on top


Who would have thought that blankets can be an interior design necessity. Coming in numerous colours, sizes and designs, they combine the useful, cozy and stylish. 

Blankets or bed throws are a great holiday gift because they are unexpectedly pleasing, you can’t go wrong with one. It’s the best way to bring warmth to the person you love while adding an accessory to their home decor, and who doesn’t need one?

2- Moroccan Vintage Floor Pillow :

moroccan colorful vintage floor pillows


Gifting Home decor is very special, it adds a touch of style that will linger for years to come. Vintage floor poufs are the best way to add an additional seating place without clutter. There are a variety to choose from, high-pile for a cozy look or low for a more tempered vibe. They are all made from wool which provides the best insulation during the cold weather.

3- The cactus Silk Pillows: 

brown cactus silk pillow and beige moroccan vintage pillow

For anyone going for a Home Desert vibe, you absolutely need to gift them these pillows.

Cactus silk pillows are special, not everyone knows about them. If you have a friend or family member that is into interior design, they will fall in love with the colours, tribal designs and the soft texture of the cactus silk.

If it’s not for a person at least get one for your sofa or bed for putting up with you this whole year without fail.