Yes! It is fall. Summer is over and it is time to harvest all the beautiful memories we created together during Summer 2018. One Of A Kind. Literally!

We started a journey about handcrafted artisans, and it brought warmth & style to many beautiful homes.

Today, with Winter approaching, we continue to bring your house beautiful ideas to keep the summer of your heart full of love and good energy.

With the help of our architectures and designing team we decided to put together a mini guide about how to decorate your house with organic (beach house inspired) pieces all year long.


Let’s begin.

 1- Plants:

We find that plants have tendency to keep a house alive. They not only look great, but they also purify the air around you to create a balanced atmosphere. We recommend bringing simple straw basket to hold the plants pots well and add a beautiful warm design to your room.

 2- Light:

Light is such a fun way to experiment different styles around the house. Our favorite are copper pendant lights and Rattan. They just take us back to the hot summer days. An unforgettable sun haze effect that doesn’t fade. They are super chic, fun and go along with everything in the house. A definite statement piece to any room.

3- Poofs :

In my house we naturally gravitate towards the floor. “having a comfy, warm spot on the floor has always been a MUST in my living room” – Kayo. Poofs are wonderful for creating a cozy seating area and as well as a way to add funky Bohemian look!


PomPom Blankets are a Bohemian necessity. Simply throwing them on your couch the end your bed can bright up your mood in a second.