Ancient simplicity with a modern twist. These little stools are easy to carry and fun to set around the house. Kids or adults everyone enjoys having them as they are playful and add a little curious texture to the room.

In the middle east, until this day they are super popular. I will tell you why.. 

Before foam and fancy textiles were created, people had better postures and sat more straight on their chairs.

"Before the 20th century, chairs were mostly flat and made sure feet touch the floor easily. People sat on relatively firm and backless chairs that were more proportional to the human body and its natural posture." Jean Couch.

Jean couch, the author of The Runner's Yoga Book teaches people the art of sitting without back pain.

 I find Tabourets serve a great purpose in maintaining a straight spine without having you to slouch. “This keeps your hip bones from falling back and your spine bending into a C shape” Jean Couch

Nama Bar & Kitchen bought some of our stools in different colors and they looked awesome. Nama’s team really liked the Moroccan stools we carry in our store and added them to their collection of out of the box Décor style. The stools will be live on the website very soon, but if you want to check them out, visit us in our showroom at 229 Notre Dame West check out many exclusive collections we had. Tabourets come in many sizes, colors, shapes and materials and we can always custom make them to suit your style.