layered beni mrirt rugs

Rug Layering and Why You Should Start Doing It

The art of layering a rug is an interior decor trend that has come to stay. There're several reasons why this modern decor approach has become popular, and why you should use this approach to define your interior spaces and rooms.

The fact is nothing looks cozier than having a nice-looking rug on the floor. To many, it's the centerpiece of attraction and one that goes a long way to influence how beautiful your home would be.

So What's Rug Layering Anyway?

Rug layering is simply the art of layering a rug on another rug or carpet. When perfected, this process can add more color and make your space look richer. Rather than limit yourself to one rug, we recommend that you brighten up the interior décor of your space by layering rugs.

Why Should You Do Rug Layering?

Are there any benefits to layering rugs in the bedroom, living room, or even the hallway? Yes! There are lots of benefits, and here they are.

Rug Layering Defines Spaces

Layering rugs help to define spaces in a large open place. If you need to add depth to an area(s) of a room, rug layering is the best way to go about it. 

Rug Layering Highlights a Point

Do you have a piece of furniture or painting that you want to make the center of attraction in your living room? The perfect way to go about is by layering rugs. Layering rugs draw the eye's attention to that spot to make it stand out from the other areas. 

When contrasting colors are used, it makes you focus more on a part of the room when you walk in. Using a bold patterned rug on top of dark or neutral-colored kilim rug will highlight the area you want to create as the focal point. You can also apply a light rug on a dark rug, and you will still create that same effect. 

Rug Layering Add More Color Depth and Texture

If you feel your space is feeling dull and unwelcoming, layering rugs will add more color depth and texture to it. It brings the room back to life while making it more enticing. 

You can use bright, patterned rugs to add that color depth and texture. You can also try a bold rug, with some fluffs on a large rug to add texture to the room.

It Warms Up the Place

While rug layering can add more color and texture, it can warm up space physically and visually. If the area is always cold, applying bright-colored rugs will help to keep the place warm.

Rug Layering Hides Stains and Worn-Out Areas

Is your old rug looking tired? Or is it stained beyond recognition? Why don't you try rug layering? Rugs are great at hiding lots of unwelcoming and non-appealing stuff like stains, wear, and discoloration. So rug layering, at this point, is the real deal.

If you also don't like the color of the carpet anymore, you can try out some rugs to lighten up the floor space.

It Makes the Home Feel Cozy

Layering a rug is excellent to create a homelier feel. It makes the home look comforting without making so many alterations. You will feel at home when you walk across them to your sofa.

Use traditional patterned rugs with some vintage style. This rug is also great for bedrooms, as they are inviting.

Rug Layering Protects the Carpet from Stains and Spills

In main living spaces, the chances of spilling one content to the other are huge, and this can leave permanent stains on the carpet. By layering a rug on the carpet, you don't only prevent spills but stains too. It gives the carpet adequate protection.

It Can Save You Money

Why splash your money on expensive oriental when you can get the same benefits from rug layering? Using colored sisal as the underlayer and a small patterned rug on top will add an awesome design to your space at no additional costs. You can also use jute as the underlayer.

Rug Layering Makes an Entrance

What better way to make your guests feel welcomed at home than placing some layers of rugs in the entryway? Layering doormats and rugs outside your home are also fun and incredibly inviting when it runs down the hallway.

For entrances, we suggest you use a mid-sized flat weave rug as the underlayer and a patterned textured rug on top.

Rug layering is a fantastic way of adding and maintaining a dynamic appeal in your room. It's affordable and an essential décor approach to making the interior of your space or house more alive. Try out rug layering today!