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Moroccan Bedroom Ideas We Love Today

Eastern cultures have somehow managed to build a reputation in beauty and aesthetics. Countries like Morocco have diverse traditions made rich by solid architectural designs, exciting cultural practices, and beautiful arts. This is why the country has come to be known as one of the most exciting Eastern countries as it has become a choice destination for tourists. In this article, we have decided to visit this culturally rich and aesthetically pleasing country to bring you some of the best Moroccan bedroom ideas we love today.

When you step into a Moroccan bedroom, some of the most outstanding features would be bright colored fabrics, Arabian designs, and beautiful lanterns. Note that the reason why this bedroom style is a favorite for many is that unlike other designs like the Chinese Feng Shui, you don’t necessarily have to stick to the rules. You may decide to stick to neutral color patterns, then combine them with candle stands, lanterns, poufs, and other patterns that are features of Moroccan bedrooms. To get the type of interior that you desire, you can give your Moroccan themed bedroom any touch you wish to give to it to achieve a girly, calm or neutral interior.

The truth is that many people consider Moroccan décor as too porous or too much for their bedroom. While this is true, thanks to the fact that traditional Moroccans were not so much of minimalists, the modern Moroccan themed bedroom décor we have today may be as subtle as you want it to be. It all depends on your taste. Whatever it is that you want, from layered patterns to colorful or neutral patterns, these Moroccan bedroom ideas that we love will guide you.

Moroccan Bedroom Ideas for You

Color Play

 colorful carpets

If you are taking cues from Moroccan bedroom ideas, the first thing to think of is a color pattern. Moroccan décor is typically bright; from white to green, purple to pink, red to gold, etc., colors incorporated into the bedroom space. You may decide to go subtle by choosing one color to go by or combine these colors to get a truly Moroccan bedroom. An all-white or neutral bedroom has in recent times become a favorite to millennials and it is pleasing.

Get Poufs

 bohemian poufs

You may already have poufs in your home and that is fine. Chances are that you didn’t have Moroccan designs in mind when you got the pouf(s). You can now complement your Moroccan bedroom design with these vintage Moroccan poufs by removing the footboard, or the end-of-bed bench and replace them with two poufs. Complete this design with some beautifully textured pillows and a crafted pendant.

The Minimalist Mediterranean Pattern

 bohemian minimalist bedroom

As you should already know, it is possible to decorate your bedroom inspired by the Moroccan bedroom designs is to adopt the Mediterranean style. Note that Mediterranean designs are mostly subtle without many ornaments. Regardless, the Moroccan culture is deeply inspired by Eastern and Arabic cultures so you can easily combine your Moroccan bedroom ideas with Mediterranean patterns. This should be very easy and should come out beautifully. With a combination of beautiful lantern styles, distinct windows, and the Mashrabiya panels or a funky bedroom chair, you would have succeeded in combining these two styles. We love this pattern because it allows you to choose neutral themes for your bedroom décor with less complicated patterns.

Focus on the Bed

Bohemian Bedroom

In most cases when we design our bedroom, we tend to drift too far away from the bed, forgetting that it should be the most important item in the room. When you design your Moroccan themed bedroom, use your bed as the definitive factor in the room. This is made by Moroccan designs as the ornate furniture and architectural designs involved helps you to focus on your bed. Asides from using canopy beds, you may choose to make headboards a more conspicuous feature in your bedroom, then choose the right lighting to make your bed an absolute delight.

Add Rugs

 beni ouarain rug with black diamond shapes

If you are thinking of adding warmth to your space, a rug is a good way to go. It doesn’t have to be just one. You may have up to three rugs in your bedroom, the choice is all yours. Layer them according to their textures and patterns to get your desired Moroccan vibe. Cactus Silk Rugs and/or Beni Mrirt Rug are perfect options for your home décor. You can then proceed to place your poufs on it.

The 5 Elements

This is a very easy way of clinching any Moroccan themed décor. Add patterned pillows, wooden tables, different textures, and fabrics, as well as greenery to represent the five elements which is also another important feature in Moroccan décor.