How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug

Choosing the perfect rug for your room can make the space inviting, whether it's the bedroom, outdoor, living room, or bathroom. Before making a choice, you need to ask yourself some questions, as they will determine if the rug will fit in.

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Rug

Outdoor spaces are just as crucial as living spaces. Many people spend more time in their outdoor spaces than their living spaces, and if you're considering spending more time outdoors, you need to decorate your outdoor space the best way you can by using a rug.

Using a rug will make the space feel cozy and welcoming. Plus, you can host a small party or dinner. But how do you choose the best rug?

The furniture's size is the first factor to consider. The outdoor rug should be large enough to contain all the legs of the furniture. If the outdoor space is large, consider getting two rugs. 

Then comes the style. You can find tons of solid and pattern rugs here. Your choice depends on what you want. Pattern rugs hide dirt and assume to look clean all the time even though it might not be.

The colors of the rugs must contrast with the outside of your house. For example, if the patio is blue, you can opt for a neutral color like white

Take a look at some of our favorite outdoor patterned rugs here!

It's always important to go for rugs that you love and will serve your purpose, rather than their look or aesthetics. You can also go for layered rugs. However, you must get the color combinations and patterns right.