Modern Black Moroccan Rug

How to Choose the Best Rug Size for Your Space

Part of the beauty and charm of handwoven Moroccan rugs is their unique sizing, giving them the boho, warm, cozy and inviting energy Moroccan rugs have become known for. We often get asked how to choose the best size for your space and we have 3 tips we’d like to share:

1. Stay Open

Stay open to different size options and try them out in your space so you can visually and energetically feel the flow.

Small Size Moroccan RugMedium Size Moroccan RugLarge Size Moroccan rug
2. Pay Attention To The Room

Pay attention if the size is making your space feel enclosed or larger. Most people want their space to feel large and open, while still tying it together in a way that feels cozy.

Small Beni Mrirt Rug

3. Custom Moroccan Rug, Different Size Options

If you know exactly the size you desire and cannot find it, go the custom route. Just note, because it is hand woven you will not be able to get the size right down to the quarter inch , but it will be close, and stay true to what we love about Moroccan rugs and their handwoven artistry.

If you’re still unsure, the best advice we can offer is to try out the rug in your space. We offer the “Bohome Experience” so you can try up to 3 rugs at a time until you find your perfect fit.

If you decide to go for a custom rug, we offer this in the Beni Ourain, Beni Mrirt and Kilim designs.

Drop us any questions, you can contact us anytime ☀️

Enjoy the process.