How To Choose a Bedroom Rug

How To Choose a Bedroom Rug

Choosing the perfect rug for your room can make the space inviting, whether it's the bedroom, outdoor, living room, or bathroom. Before making a choice, you need to ask yourself some questions, as they will determine if the rug will fit in.

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Rug

Adding a bedroom rug is a fantastic way to imprint your style and personality to the room. Whether it's antique or vintage carpets, a nice bedroom rug can create intimate areas and provide warmth to the foot, especially in those cold mornings. 

It's also an excellent way to hide marks and protect the floor from damages. But how do you purchase the ideal bedroom rug?

You should take note of the bedroom size. The length and the width where you plan to lay the rug should be measured, including beneath the bed if you want. Its measurement can be a few inches larger than the rug though. Choose a large rug to cover those measured areas.

If you want the rug to only cover the portion beneath the bed and the extending floor around the bed, you should still measure the area. If you have spaces for desks and seats, you can purchase small rugs to make those sections distinctive.


Patterned Bedroom Rug

You should also pick a rug style that complements the room. If the room is filled with brightly colored paintings and pictures, dark or cool-colored rugs will be appropriate. If the room furniture design is all embedded in neutral colors, you should opt for oriental rugs with lively patterns.

You should also determine if the room is susceptible to huge traffic. Do you have pets around? If so, opt for cotton or wool rugs, as they offer increased durability. Plus, they are easier to clean. Silk rugs are not great for huge traffic because they can wear out fast.

Choosing the ideal style rug and color combination can make your bedroom look incredible. However, this is something that you should do before making other purchases to make decoration easier.

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It's always important to go for rugs that you love and will serve your purpose, rather than their look or aesthetics. You can also go for layered rugs. However, you must get the color combinations and patterns right.