How a Moroccan rug will transform your living space

How a Moroccan rug will transform your living space

 How a Moroccan rug will transform your living space

You’ve seen them in all the latest style trend magazines, envy-worthy home photos, and in modern hotels. Moroccan rugs have the design community buzzing. Authentic Moroccan rugs or Beni Ourain carpets have been handmade in the mountains of Morocco by the Beni Ourain tribes for generations. Today, these woven carpets are making big waves for the home design-obsessed. Moroccan rugs are much more soft, plush, and thicker than your average run of the mill rug you can buy at any home goods store. So, why do you need a Moroccan rug in your home? Read on to learn about how a new rug can transform any room in your house.

They pull any room together:

It doesn’t matter if your style is modern, classic, country chic, rustic, or eclectic, a Moroccan rug will draw the eye in and pull any room together. Adding a Moroccan rug to your space is the quickest way to take your living area from bland to polished. They come in countless different colors and patterns and are intended to be the focal point of a room. In most cases, you will find one dominant color with some sort of geometric design. The rugs come in enough variety of sizes, colors, and styles to match anyone’s esthetic.

beige beni ourain rug

Add personalization to any living area:

Did you know that authentic Moroccan rugs are one of a kind? Genuine Beni Ourian rugs are loomed by hand, so each one is unique. Every carpet will have a slightly different hue, pattern, and shape. If you’re looking for the perfect way to fully personalize your home, know that no one will have one quite like yours. Again, if you’re looking for a truly one of a kind Moroccan rug, you will want to veer away from ones that are mass-produced at stores like Pottery Barn and look for one that has been loomed by hand.

ivory moroccan rug

Easily decorate multiple rooms in your home with a Moroccan rug:

While the most common place you’ll find a Moroccan rug is in the living room, the carpets are diverse enough to pull together a nursery or use by your bed, so the first thing you step on in the morning is a soft, fuzzy carpet. If you have a little one at home, there’s no doubt you will spend a lot of time on the floor playing, reading, and dressing your tots. Moroccan rugs are plush enough that it will feel like you’re sitting on a floor cushion. If you have a tulip-style dining room table, try placing a circular Moroccan rug underneath. Circular Moroccan rugs are not as easy to find, so if you come across one, scoop it up right away.

Moroccan rug and leather pouf

Trend reports show that Moroccan rugs are here to stay, and with good reason. People can’t get enough of these soft, cuddly, rustic, and natural rugs. Hailing from the mountains, these rugs are designed with warmth, comfort, and your toes in mind !

Written by : Sarag Makh