An easy guide to recognize a REAL Zanafi/Kilim Moroccan rug

An easy guide to recognize a REAL Zanafi/Kilim Moroccan rug

Whether it's a trip to Marrakech, a restaurant with friends, or even a hotel, we've all seen beautiful Berber rugs. Formerly very colourful reds and multiple patterns, Berber rugs now come in a variety of contemporary shapes and modernisms for all interior designs. From wool to cotton, knotted to woven, largest to smallest, here we will describe the different types of Berber rugs, how they are made and the best places to have them in your home 


Moroccan Zanafi Carpet

The Zanafi tribe

The Zanafi tribe, after whom these fabulous rugs are named, come from a remote High Atlas region east of Ouarzazate, just a few hours' drive from Marrakech. Originally, Zanafi made rugs for the transportation of grain or materials for nomadic life. 

The Zanafi style

The Zanafi style is very recognizable, it is defined by very graphic patterns, mostly white and black, sometimes shades of grey, and in recent years even colorful. The Zanafi/Kilim rug is relatively thin and not as comfortable as Beni Ourain or Azilal, but its unique look and unique design make it a unique rug that fits perfectly into our contemporary decor.

moroccan zanafi rug

Material and weaving of Zanafi rugs

Zanafi rugs are woven in a row from left to right, alternating between different colors to create the desired pattern. Zanafi rugs are mainly made of wool, which is delicate and neat due to its extremely fine weaving. However they are the most forgiving and durable rugs to have. Pet owners and parents love them!

Zanafi rug for every room

Zanafi / Kilim Rugs make fantastic area rugs and are a great addition to any room in the home. With their flat weave, Kilim Rugs are simple to clean and maintain which means they work particularly well in kitchens and high traffic areas.

Around your kitchen isle, in a hallway, in your home office or under your dining room. There are no rules for Moroccan rugs