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2021 Home Décor Trends

As more people stay indoors due to the pandemic, they now crave more comfort than ever before. They are forced to alter their home spaces to make them more lively, accommodating, and of course, to suit their purposes. People even decorate their homes to look like functional offices when it's time for Zoom meetings.

Regardless of the reason for changing your home space, it's crucial that you choose a design that will help boost the aesthetic value of your house. While several people adopted different approaches to interior design in 2020, we decided to contact our top design experts to find out classy home décor trends in 2021. Here are some of them that you should try. 

Richly Veined Marbles for Kitchen Decor

marbled kitchen

In 2020, we witnessed lots of homes having an all-white kitchen. This style is classy but has to be upgraded into something more fanciful, modern, and exotic. However, we are not going to eliminate the design. 

Therefore, we recommend opting for richly veined marbles or breccias. You can polish this design with some man-made stones, something like Quartzite

Colorful Living Room


Let's face it, staying and working from home is the "new reality". Since you'll be staying at home often, it can get boring having your living space decorated with one color or the same neutrals. 

According to Beth Diana, HomeGoods Style Expert, design is about exploration and experimentation. For this reason, you need to spice up your living space by introducing more colors that reflect your personality into your home. Add more decorative artworks, vases, and cover the floors with some Moroccan, multi-colored patterned rugs.

Maximalist Decorating Approach

maximalist-bedroomAlthough minimalistic designs are awesome, the trend is silently fading as more people stay at home. We don't see minimalistic designs making a comeback, at least for this year again.

Fewer spaces with few pieces of furniture are all too elementary and unattractive, especially for someone that spends much of his time at home. With more time at home, it means you'll engage in more activities. This makes it difficult to adhere to a sparsely-filled home.

Adopting the maximalist decorative approach is crucial. This trend will likely continue for a few extra years. Opt for a different look, mix your old furniture with the new and fill those empty spaces. 

Mix contrasting patterns and harmonize them to create depth. Decorate the walls with lively murals and scenery to add texture and make the room feel renewed.

More Entertainment Spaces

Since staying at home is the new going out, people will pay more attention to what's inside their homes more than ever. This means getting more sound systems, bigger TVs, comfortable seats, etc. People would want to turn their homes into a theater or some concert to enjoy watching blockbuster movies and listening to new song releases.

More Furniture and a Contemporary Country Look

cozy living room

Our design experts have predicted that there will be significant changes in the living rooms of many. There will be some transmogrification from mid-century furniture to something more cozy and relaxed. 

Additionally, there will be more seating areas to maximize comfort and create more functional spaces. People would love to add a games table, library tables, etc.

Separate Spaces and Furnishings

Single, open space layouts are falling out of favor gradually in 2021. When your home has no distinctive area for certain activities, you can get irritated easily and become unfocused. Not to mention that you'll hardly get anything done successfully.

When your home doubles as a workspace and your living room, you should try to maintain some level of separation for your sake. Keeping an organized home with dedicated areas for work and other activities will increase productivity. 

Organic Materials

natural living room2021 will witness a bye to plastics and man-made materials. People will opt for natural and organic materials like wood, natural plants, and flowers, etc. Apart from decorating the living room, indoor plants and flowers filter the air and bring some calm and clarity. 

These 2021 classy home décor trends are what you need to apply to your living spaces and your bedroom. Though it's somewhat expensive to redecorate a home, these trends will make your home feel brand new, organized, and stylish.