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5 Ways to Style Vintage Moroccan Rugs in Your Modern Home

Vintage Moroccan rugs have become increasingly popular in the world of interior design, adding a touch of history, culture, and artistry to modern homes. These rugs, characterized by their unique patterns, vibrant colors, and handcrafted charm, can transform any space into a visually captivating haven. In this article, we'll explore five creative ways to style these rugs in your modern home, allowing you to embrace the elegance of the past while seamlessly integrating it with contemporary decor.

About Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Before getting into the various styling options, let's take a moment to understand the beauty and allure of vintage Moroccan rugs. These exquisite floor coverings have a rich history that dates back centuries. Crafted by skilled artisans from indigenous Moroccan tribes, these rugs were traditionally used for warmth and as a form of artistic expression.

The distinctiveness of these rugs lies in their intricate geometric patterns, bold color palettes, and natural materials like wool and cotton. Each rug tells a story, reflecting the cultural heritage of the Berber tribes and their nomadic way of life. Today, Moroccan rugs are celebrated for their authenticity and ability to infuse any space with character and charm.

Vintage Moroccan Rug

Aspects to Consider Before Selecting a Vintage Rug

When selecting a Moroccan rug for your home, consider factors like size, color, and design. The rug size should fit the proportions of your room and furniture. Moroccan rugs come in various sizes, from small runners to large-area rugs, so choose one that complements your space.

In terms of color, Moroccan rugs often feature vibrant and bold hues, but you can also find more muted and neutral options. Consider the existing color scheme in your room and how the rug will harmonize with it. A vintage Moroccan rug with earthy tones can blend seamlessly with neutral or minimalist decor, while a rug with vivid colors can become a striking focal point in a room.

The design of the rug is equally important. Moroccan rugs are known for their diverse patterns, from diamond and chevron motifs to abstract shapes and symbols. Think about the aesthetic you want to achieve and how the rug's design can enhance it. A busy pattern can add vibrancy to a subdued room, while a simpler design can complement a more eclectic space.

No. 1 Eclectic Fusion

If you're drawn to blending styles, consider creating an eclectic fusion by incorporating these rugs into a space with various design elements. Eclectic decor encourages creativity and personal expression, making it an ideal canvas for mixing and matching.

Select a vintage Moroccan rug that resonates with you, regardless of color or pattern. Then, combine it with furniture and decor from different eras and styles. For example, pair a boldly patterned vintage Moroccan rug with mid-century modern furniture and industrial lighting fixtures. The juxtaposition of contrasting elements can create a captivating and unique interior that reflects your unique taste.

Moroccan Vintage Rugs

No. 2 Vintage Glamour

Moroccan rugs can also add a touch of glamour to your home decor. Start with a rug with rich, jewel-toned colors and intricate patterns to achieve a vintage glamour look. Consider a rug with a plush texture, like a Beni Ourain or Boucherouite rug, to enhance the opulent feel.

Furnish your space with vintage-inspired furniture pieces, such as velvet sofas, gilded mirrors, and crystal chandeliers. Incorporate metallic accents in gold or brass to amplify the sense of luxury. Vintage glamour often embraces a sense of nostalgia, so look for antique or vintage decor items to complement your rug. This style is about creating a sumptuous, inviting atmosphere that exudes elegance and sophistication.

No. 3 Modern Minimalism

Contrary to popular belief, these rugs can also be integrated into a modern minimalist interior. The key is to balance the rug's intricate patterns and the clean lines of minimalist design. Opt for a vintage Moroccan rug with neutral or muted colors to maintain the serene ambiance of minimalism.

Place the rug in a room with a simple color palette dominated by whites, grays, and blacks. This will allow the rug to become a captivating focal point without overwhelming the space. Choose contemporary furniture with sleek lines and minimal ornamentation to complement the rug's elegance. The contrast between the vintage Moroccan rug and the minimalist backdrop creates a striking and harmonious effect.

Vintage Runner

Pairing a vintage Moroccan rug with a sleek black concert piano creates a harmonious blend of chic and classic styles in your home decor. The rug's intricate patterns and vibrant colors provide an artistic and exotic backdrop, while the piano exudes timeless elegance. Consider moving in your piano before decorating your new home to achieve this exquisite pairing seamlessly. For this purpose, you should hire piano movers in Canada. Let piano movers handle this task, as they have specialized skills and equipment. That will ensure your grand piano's safe and graceful placement. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your interior design journey with the assurance that your prized instrument and vintage rug will come together flawlessly. As a result, you’ll have a space that resonates with both sophistication and charm.

No. 4 Bohemian Chic

Moroccan rugs blend with the bohemian chic style, creating an eclectic and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this look, start with a vintage Moroccan rug as the focal point of your space. Select one with vibrant colors and intricate patterns to set the tone. Pair it with low seating options like floor cushions or a comfortable sofa with colorful, textured throw pillows.

Incorporate houseplants and greenery to bring nature indoors, enhancing the relaxed and earthy vibe. Bohemian decor often celebrates a mix of textures, so layer your vintage Moroccan rug over a natural fiber rug to add depth and warmth to the space. Complete the look with eclectic art pieces, woven tapestries, and various decorative objects from your travels.

Vintage Rug Living Room

No. 5 Cultural Harmony

Moroccan rugs have deep cultural significance, and you can celebrate their heritage by incorporating other Moroccan decor elements into your space. This approach creates a sense of cultural harmony, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich traditions of Morocco.

In addition to your vintage Moroccan rug, consider adding Moroccan lanterns, poufs, and textiles to your decor. You can pair these rugs with a rattan lighting fixture and achieve romantic lighting.  Lanterns with intricate metalwork can cast mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Poufs made from colorful Moroccan textiles serve as functional seating and decorative accents. Moroccan textiles like pillows and throws can layer textures and colors throughout the space.


Incorporating vintage Moroccan rugs into your modern home decor is a creative and rewarding endeavor. These rugs bring history and culture into your space and infuse it with color, texture, and character. Whether you embrace a bohemian chic, modern minimalist, eclectic fusion, vintage glamour, or cultural harmony style, your vintage Moroccan rug will undoubtedly become a cherished centerpiece of your interior design.