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Beni Mguild Rug - K359 - 4'1'' x 6'7''

Size : 4'1'' x 6'7'' Or 125 x 200 cm

Material: Sheep Wool 

Color: Green

SKU: DD241, Berber rugsBeniourain rugs.

Condition : Vintage

Mid century vintage Moroccan rugs are eye-catching and act as an anchor for any room. They feature eccentric, tribal patterns that bring an unusual feeling to any contemporary house. Handmade in the north east of Morocco by Berber women. This rug has many enigmas that attract the observer. The theme for this rug relies in the geometric design, which portraits motherhood, fertility and blessings.

Perfect for people who like "outside the box" ideas and alternative types of art. Made from 100% wool and has a medium pile for soft and warm feeling.

This type of Moroccan rugs is very warm and ideal to be used in the bedroom or living-room.

Disclaimer : Subtle variations in line thickness, asymmetry of the geometric designs and color imperfections are exactly the details that makes those rugs unique.

Cleaning instruction : 

Regular care : Vacuum your rug once or twice a month. For spots and accidents you can clean it using a damp white towel with cold water and laundry detergent, however make sure that your rug does not stay wet or humid.

Once in a while let your rug out in the sun for a bit. Don’t store it in a bag or in a humid place.

Deep cleaning: Have it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner.

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