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Hair Care Package | Moroccan Argan Oil

Real cost : 104,00 $ / 30% Sale : 72,80 $ Taking care of your hair is the key to having beautiful hair ... The complete range of multiethnic and outstanding, treats, heals and protects the hair every day.
-Phytosilk Hair Serum
The phytosilk hair serum combines argan oil and vitamine E to protect, repair and sheathe the hair from root to tip, to leave it soft and supple. 150 ml 5fl. Oz
-Keraness Shampoo
Keraness shampoo uses vegetal keratine, argan leaf extract and silk protein to nourish damaged, colored, dry and brittle hair for a smooth and shiny hair. Extremely pleasant to use, its creamy texture transforms into a light fragranced lather to nourish your hair and make it soft and supple while maintaining its sebum. 250 ml 8,4fl. Oz
-Keraness Leave in Conditioner 
Keraness leave in conditioner has argan oil, keratine and silk proteins to nourish hair and the leave it shiny and smooth. Improving the hair’s softness without weighing it down, your hair is soft, easy to disentangle and also protected during the drying. 250 ml 8,4fl. Oz
-Exfoliating Face Gel
The exfoliating gel  enriched with aloe Vera, powerful moisturizing agent, exfoliates your skin gently. an exfoliating texture with a purifying and nourishing effect through the extract of argan tree leaves and calendula. Purifies smoothen and glow your skin like new. 75 ml 2,53fl. oz
-Orange Blossom Argan Soap
The Orange blossom argan Soap with the creamy perfumed paste by Botanika Marrakech is used in the cosmetic oriental tradition during the hammams to prepare the skin for peeling. Its exfoliating and moisturizing properties soften and nourish the skin deeply while respecting its natural balance and perfuming your bath. 200 ml 6,76fl .oz