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Argan Secrets Package

Real cost (96,00 $ / 30% sale : 67,20 $): Argan secrets –Our nature is our marvel ... A set of care and natural beauty products, based on Argan oil from Morocco, which has multiple benefits for the body. Ideal for revitalizing your skin, it provides lasting hydration that helps counteract aging.

- Elixir Pure Argan

Our bio-certified organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin Argan Oil is the essential ingredient all our skin care products. Argan trees have grown in the south-western region of Morocco for thousands of years and have served as a natural remedy for generations. The seeds of its fruit are traditionally used by Berber women to treat their skin and hair, and they have long known of their healing, conditioning and anti-aging properties. Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, argan Elixir is a precious argan oil, 100% pure, used for intense face body and hair care. this luxurious oil is a powerful antioxidant and antiradical, it penetrates easily and provides an intense hydration from head to toe, ideal for a daily use. 50 ml

- Oud Rose Shower Oil 

the Oud rose shower oil rich in precious oils of prickly pear (cactus oil) and argan, leaves the skin soft and moisturized while maintaining its natural balance. Bursting with a luxurious fragrance, it repairs and protects dry skins. 250 ml 8,4 fl. Oz

- Relaxing Facial Scrub 

The   relaxing   facial   scrub  exfoliates  your   skin   through the apricot kernel powder. your skin is deeply cleaned from impurities and dead cells then moisturized by argan and avocado oil for a smooth and relaxed look. 125 ml 4,2 fl. Oz

- Neroli Liquid Hand Soap

For clean hands, Néroli liquid hand soap based on argan leaf extract combined to chamomile extract purifies your hands and gently perfumes it with neroli flower scent while respecting the natural balance of your skin. 300 ml 10,1fl. Oz