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Made: Handmade in Morocco 

Size : 5'6'' x 8'3'' Or 170 x 253 cm

Material : Wool 

Color : Between a dark grey and a pale green & beige (don't hesitate to ask for more pictures)

Berber rugs, Kilim Rugs

Medium size contemporary Moroccan Kilim Rug. An original Kilim rug is famous for its flat-weave and non knotted pile. In black and white, intertwined to create a luxurious theme. Moroccan kilim rugs have a firm structure and minimal designs.

This Kilim rug's detailed designs show in symmetrical diamonds that represent unity.

Simple, flat-weaved Kilims are durable, decorative and very practical specially for dog owners. 

The repeated patterns preserve a classic feel and a minimalist scheme. Made by hand from wool.

Cleaning instruction : 

Regular care : Vacuum your rug once or twice a month. For spots and accidents you can clean it using a damp white towel with cold water and laundry detergent, however make sure that your rug does not stay wet or humid.

Once in a while let your rug out in the sun for a bit. Don’t store it in a bag or in a humid place.

Deep cleaning: Have it cleaned by a professional rug cleaner.

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